Analysis of Laneige Marketing Communication Strategy on Tokopedia and Shopee


  • Jenniefer Jenniefer Institut Komunikasi dan Bisnis LSPR, Indonesia
  • Andika Witono LSPR Institute of Communication & Business, Indonesia



Marketing Communication Strategy, 4Ps, Laneige, Tokopedia, Shopee


The current state of internet access has proven to have apparent beneficial impact across a wide range of sectors, particularly in the e-commerce scene. Laneige, a leading cosmetics brand, effectively employs the digital landscape to broaden its market reach via e-commerce sites such as, Tokopedia and Shopee. Through qualitative descriptive analysis, reveales that Laneige effectively develop its brand image and boost sales performance by systematically adapting marketing strategies to each platform's unique qualities. This strategic alignment is achieved by thorough execution of the 4P framework (Product, Price, Place, Promotion). The results show that through the Shopee platform, Laneige has leading sales numbers when compared to sales numbers on Tokopedia. On Shopee, Laneige targets consumers with attractive visuals, short videos that are informative, a comprehensive description in the description column, and competitive prices. In addition, the use of the "Shopee Mall" feature and strong promotions also add more value in contributing to their success in selling their products through this platform. Laneige's success through the Shopee platform shows the use of effective communication strategies in understanding the characteristics of the platform and its users. The right marketing method, supported by a good promotional strategy, is able to strengthen the brand image and sales success of Laneige products in the e-commerce market.




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Jenniefer, J., & Witono, A. . (2024). Analysis of Laneige Marketing Communication Strategy on Tokopedia and Shopee. Jurnal Indonesia Sosial Teknologi, 5(5), 1970–1989.