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Jurnal Indonesia Sosial Teknologi, Vol. 5, No. 5, Mei 2024 2328
Analysis of the linearity of the story on the creation of the
game "Elephant Rescue.
R.M Joko Priono
, Sigit Winarso
, Wilhelmus Filianto
Program Studi Teknologi Permainan Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Keywords: Game;
Education; Way Kambas;
Elephant rescue.
Media is an intermediary that can convey information or
messages in learning to achieve learning outcomes. Many
types of media are used in the learning process. One of the
media used in learning is games as educational media, called
educational games. Educational games are formed to hone
thinking power, including increasing concentration and
solving a problem. Educational stories based on local
wisdom also strengthen character education so that they can
be well received without reducing the playing experience
gained by players. Through the results of game testing, 40%
of respondents strongly agreed that the understanding of
conserving animals, especially elephants in Way Kambas
Lampung National Park, was sought to be raised through the
Elephant in Rescue Game, and 24% agreed that the
understanding of conserving animals, especially elephants in
Way Kambas Lampung National Park, was sought to be
raised through the Elephant in Rescue Game. 60% of
respondents agreed with the educational element presented
in the game Elephant in Rescue, and 56% agreed that the
application of the story in this game was appropriate. Based
on the results of testing on respondents, it can be concluded
that the application of stories and education about the
importance of preserving animals, especially elephants in
Way Kambas National Park, Lampung, can be conveyed
well by what has been designed before.
Games or applications contained in game-based learning models have the potential
to be developed. Game-based learning is expected to improve the ability of the
imagination to think (Ambarwati et al., 2021). There are several types of game-based
learning, ranging from conventional (without using gadgets) and video game-based ones,
both using desktop and mobile devices. Today, learning media has experienced many
variations along with technological developments (Nugraheni, Husain, & Rohani, 2022).
Using computers in various learning media is one form of educational and technological
development. Ariesto (Nugraha et al., 2017) stated that computer-based learning media
Analysis of the linearity of the story on the creation of the game "Elephant Rescue.”
Jurnal Indonesia Sosial Teknologi, Vol. 5, No. 5, Mei 2024 2329
is a learning media that uses computers as the primary tool in delivering material in the
learning process. One of the computer-based technologies being developed today is
games or games. (van der Beek et al., 2013) Games as a learning medium could make the
learning atmosphere more pleasant and reduce the saturation of information or material
teachers deliver to students/students (Rahmanda, 2020).
Game-based learning is one solution to reducing boredom in the learning process.
Education or Education is a human need and the process of self-development as an
individual and social being (Qodr, 2020). Education is constantly changing, improving
and developing. Preserving the potential existence of local wisdom is limited to
conventional space and National Parks (TN). Currently, the existence of National Parks
is an inseparable part of people's lives (Trijayanti, Ernawati, & Budiarto, 2017). National
Park as a means to store, preserve and introduce the existence of biological creatures. In
addition, the existence of the National Park is also an effort to introduce culture to the
surrounding community (Saurik, Yuniarno, & Susiki, 2015). The existence of the
National Park is essential, as is the value of character education and the story surrounding
it (Wibawa, Mumtaziah, Sholaihah, & Hikmawan, 2021). However, public awareness,
especially the younger generation, regarding the existence of the National Park still needs
to grow. Hence, the benefits of its existence in the National Park should be addressed.
National Park is a nature conservation area with an original ecosystem, managed with a
zoning system used for research, science, education, supporting cultivation, tourism, and
recreation. One of the national parks in Indonesia is Way Kambas National Park, located
in Lampung.
Way Kambas National Park is famous as a conservation place for Sumatran
elephants native to Sumatra Island (Mustafa et al., 2019). Data from the Director General
of PHKA of the Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia (2007) published that
the estimated population of Sumatran elephants ranges from 2400-2800 individuals; in
Aceh, it is estimated that 500-530 elephants remain comparable to 25% of Sumatran
elephants inhabiting Aceh forest areas and spread across 20 districts of 23
regencies/cities. Law of the Republic of Indonesia No. 5 of 1999 concerning the
conservation of biological natural resources and their ecosystems must be protected and
conserved. Elephants are one of the endangered animals whose existence on earth is
decreasing due to the narrowing of their natural habitat and various disturbances to this
animal, such as hunting and slaughter due to conflict with humans. In this modern era,
education about nature conservation, such as Way Kambas National Park, is rarely known
by the public. Especially for elementary school children, Indonesia is also being hit by a
pandemic that requires online schooling (online) to make the teaching and learning
system ineffective. This can be done in various ways in the increasingly sophisticated
world of technology. These efforts can be made by creating game-based learning through
storytelling. The creation of this work is a way to overcome several learning problems
and instil character education in the younger generation. The creation of works is not only
focused on gameplay aspects but also trying to create a story that can be unified (linear)
in the game. Digital game-based learning can be played on Android smartphones.
R.M Joko Priono, Sigit Winarso, Wilhelmus Filianto
Jurnal Indonesia Sosial Teknologi, Vol. 5, No. 5, Mei 2024 2330
Through the creation of a work entitled "Analysis of Linierity Story on the Creation of
the Game Elephant in Rescue,". Game-based learning with an emphasis on linear aspects
of the story can be used as a means or medium in education and nature preservation of
Sumatran elephants to users and is one solution for reducing saturation in the learning
Research Methods
The creation process began with developing a game idea in the form of a permit
about a game that discusses elephants. Developing game ideas is done by researching
games similar to the mechanics you want to apply in the Elephant in Rescue game. The
research examined journals discussing Sumatran elephants' habitat and Way Kambas
National Park. At the production stage, every concept documented in the Game Design
Document begins to be implemented; this stage includes creating visual assets,
programming, and selecting audio in the game.
After the production stage is complete, the creation process goes into the post-
production stage. At this stage, checks and adjustments are carried out to reduce or add
features to the game. Then, the testing proceeded with a group of people to get feedback
data or related responses.
Results and Discussion
Analysis of the creation of the Elephant in Rescue game production work focused
on linear storytelling, which was applied through a series of stories about Way Kambas
National Park and Sumatran Elephants to design game mechanics. The Elephant in
Rescue game was made to simulate the importance of preserving animals, especially
elephants in Way Kambas National Park Lampung. However, no information in the
Elephant in Rescue game can be used as a new guideline without considering other
aspects. In addition to the mechanics, several other components helped build the Elephant
in Rescue game; here is the explanation:
Game Type
The game "Elephant in Rescue" is included in the puzzle-education-casual game
genre. It has simple game mechanics and does not require a long time during play. This
game can be categorised into the casual genre, and during play, players need the right
thinking power and accuracy of time to complete it. Then, this game can be categorised
into the mechanical puzzle genre.