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Jurnal Indonesia Sosial Teknologi, Vol. 5, No. 5, Mei 2024 2025
The Effect of Premium Service Music Streaming Towards
Consumer Satisfaction of Z Generation in Jakarta
Airlangga Muhammad Syahraihan
, Muhammad Aras
, Diva Berlian Maahirah
Zahra Azizah Rizki
, Michelle Lay
Universitas Bina Nusantara Jakarta, Indonesia
Keywords: Music
Streaming; Premium
Service; Consumer
The development of the internet and technology affects
many aspects of life, such as the need to listen to music. To
fulfill this need, new technology presents music streaming to
make it easier for people to listen to music. Music streaming
provides premium services to give users advantages when
streaming music. The availability of premium service is
expected to increase consumers’ satisfaction. This research
aimed to identify premium service's effect on consumer
satisfaction. This research used a quantitative method and a
descriptive approach. This research sample was 100 Gen Z
people in Jakarta, and music streaming was used. The data
will be analyzed by using SPSS. The findings of this research
showed the effect of premium service music streaming on
consumer satisfaction of the Z generation with t value t
table, and the result was 3.414 ≥ 1.664.
Music streaming has become a trend among modern people. They listen by
streaming because it is easier and has many song lists. Modern people are very close to
technology and internet developments, making them more comfortable listening to music
online. According to (Mäntymäki & Islam, 2015), music streaming is a product of internet
and device development, and it is a revolution of digital technology that changes many
aspects of human life. Some reasons people use music streaming include accessing music
without an internet connection, having unlimited access to songs, etc. As an essential
thing, music streaming facilitates people to listen to music without physical media or
virtual files.
Music streaming is a popular application many people use to listen to music. Cited
from www.databoks.katadata.co.id, global music streaming users reach 523 million
people. It is known that premium music streaming numbers always increase yearly.
Regarding this condition, music streaming will preserve its popularity and gain more
users. Music streaming applications must use a strategy to compete with other music
streaming applications. One of its strategies to increase the number of users is involving
Airlangga Muhammad Syahraihan, Muhammad Aras, Diva Berlian Maahirah, Zahra Azizah
Rizki, Michelle Lay
Jurnal Indonesia Sosial Teknologi, Vol. 5, No. 5, Mei 2024 2026
premium service. Premium is a service that gives full access, free advertisement, and
music downloads so that users can access the application without an internet connection
(Masdaner & Ruliana, 2021). (Amanda, 2022) argued that premium service can cause
user’ satisfaction because premium service can give many features and advantages.
Premium service can impact user satisfaction, so Spotify should be involved and increase
its services.
This research believes that premium service can increase consumer satisfaction,
meaning premium service by music streaming can increase users’ satisfaction.
(Suryawirawan, Suhermin, & Shabrie, 2022) All agree that service quality can impact
customer satisfaction. In this context, service quality includes premium service, which
gives the best service to the consumers. Then, Febriani and Tiorida ( also stated that
Spotify's premium service significantly affects consumer satisfaction. Previous research
shows that premium service is one of the main factors that can affect and increase
consumer satisfaction.
Involving premium service in service is caused by conditions such as internet and
technology development and consumers' need for music streaming. Some aspects should
be paid attention to, especially the threat, including competition from other music
streaming companies, internet connection, the number of song lists, etc. The threat should
be solved to maintain the existence of music streaming. Based on the brief explanation of
the background above, this research aims to know and identify the effect of the premium
music streaming service on consumer satisfaction.
Research Methods
Listening to music today is easy because people need technology tools and the
internet to access it. Streaming music is a choice for people, especially the Z generation.
They can access many songs through streaming music. People must change their account
to a premium service to access many songs and features without interference. With
premium service, users can access music streaming fully and without advertisement.
Premium service can make people enjoy listening to music more because they can
get many advantages. Consequently, people will be satisfied after getting and using the
advantages. Based on the explanation above, the hypothesis is formed on the assumption
that premium service would affect Z-generation satisfaction.
H1: Premium service has positive and significant effects on the consumer satisfaction of
the Z generation.
Figure 1. Research Model
Data Collection and Research Method
The research used is quantitative research, which is research conducted to test
objective theory by examining the relationships between variables (Creswell, 2009). This
Premium Service
Satisfaction (Y)
The Effect of Premium Service Music Streaming Towards Consumer Satisfaction of Z
Generation in Jakarta
Jurnal Indonesia Sosial Teknologi, Vol. 5, No. 5, Mei 2024 2027
research uses quantitative research to examine the causal relationship of a phenomenon,
and the results will be presented in numbers.
This research uses a questionnaire to collect the data. The questionnaire is a data
collection technique that involves distributing questionnaires or questionnaires to
respondents (Kusumastuti et al., 2020). (Kuantitatif, 2016) states that the questionnaire is
a data collection technique that provides written statements to respondents. This research
questionnaire includes ten statements and is distributed to research respondents. The
questionnaire is in electronic form by using Google Forms. Then, the research population
is Z generation in Jakarta. This research uses the 100 Z generation as the respondents.
Table 1
I listen to songs without
Song lists
Premium service provides a
wide song list to suit my
I enjoy the recommended songs
provided by the premium music
streaming service.
Ease of
Music streaming applications
are straightforward to access.
Internet use
Music streaming applications
do not use much data.
Features and
Premium service allows me to
listen to songs anywhere and
There is no change in display
after switching to premium
service, so it is easy to access.
Interest to
Premium service gives me the
freedom to choose the songs I
(Peter &
Olson, 2000)
I use premium service because
of the available features.
I recommend using premium
service to close people
(relatives, families, friends).
The research uses descriptive analysis to analyze the data. The data will be
calculated using SPSS, and the result will be descriptive. Descriptive analysis is
conducted to describe the characteristics of each research variable by presenting data in a
frequency distribution table, calculating the average value, total score, and respondent
achievement level, and then interpreting it in narrative form.
Airlangga Muhammad Syahraihan, Muhammad Aras, Diva Berlian Maahirah, Zahra Azizah
Rizki, Michelle Lay
Jurnal Indonesia Sosial Teknologi, Vol. 5, No. 5, Mei 2024 2028
Results and Discussion
Respondent Attributes
The total number of respondents to this survey was 100, divided into 62 males and
38 females. The respondents' domicile was Jakarta. The respondents had varying years of
birth and jobs. The descriptions of the years of birth and jobs will be shown in Table 2.
Table 2
Demographic characteristics of respondents
Number of
Private employees
Validity and Reliability Analysis
The following table shows the validity of the questionnaire results.
Table 3
The result of the Validity Measurement
The Effect of Premium Service Music Streaming Towards Consumer Satisfaction of Z
Generation in Jakarta
Jurnal Indonesia Sosial Teknologi, Vol. 5, No. 5, Mei 2024 2029
Based on the data above, all data showed a higher score than 0.165. It meant that
all data or t value ≥ t table. It can be concluded that the questionnaire is valid.
The following table shows the reliability result of the questionnaire.
Table 4
The result of Reliability Measurement
Cronbach’s Alpha
Premium Service
Consumer Satisfaction
Hypothesis Analysis
The effect of premium services on consumer satisfaction is calculated using a
simple linear regression test. The result showed that the t value was 3.414, which was
higher than the t table's value of 1.664. The result can be written as t value t table, which
was 3.414 ≥ 1.664.
Based on the test result, it can be concluded that H0 was rejected and Ha was
accepted. It meant, “There is an effect of premium services towards consumer
satisfaction.” The following table was the result of a simple linear regression test.
Table 5
The result of the Simple Linear Regression Test
Unstandardised Coefficients
Std. Error
a. Dependent Variable: X
Various things can influence consumer satisfaction, and one of them is premium
service. This study shows that consumer satisfaction affects consumer satisfaction.
Consumers will be satisfied if they get many advantages from using a product or
service. It is also proven in music streaming, which provides premium service for users.
The decision of a consumer to use a premium service becomes an attitude that reflects
affective reactions (Barata & Coelho, 2021). Consumers have many reasons for choosing
to use premium services. A premium music streaming service gives users many
advantages, such as unlimited song access, no advertisements, availability in unconnected
Airlangga Muhammad Syahraihan, Muhammad Aras, Diva Berlian Maahirah, Zahra Azizah
Rizki, Michelle Lay
Jurnal Indonesia Sosial Teknologi, Vol. 5, No. 5, Mei 2024 2030
areas, etc. People who like listening to music will use premium service because they can
listen to music everywhere and anytime.
Consumer satisfaction can be shown by the consumer's decision to repay a service.
That is what happened to the Z generation, who use premium services in music streaming.
They can choose the payment amount based on their capability. Besides, they can choose
the payment based on the period (weekly, monthly, or yearly). It is also supported by Park
(2020), who explained that price can affect consumer satisfaction when using premium
music streaming. Although the price is quite expensive or pricy, they are willing to pay.
This action illustrates consumer behavior, showing that consumers can use or repay a
service after evaluating it. It is strengthened by Sinulingga and Sitohang (2023) that
consumer behavior is shown after the consumers expect or meet their needs. Besides,
paying for service at quite a high price is related to strengthening activity because of
persuasion. The persuasiveness can be caused by many factors, such as the advantages so
consumers can have consumer behavior influenced by satisfaction.
Many experts say that price reflects the quality of a product or service. Park (2020)
defined price as essential to receiving full service. It means people should be able to pay
to get full-service music streaming. (Navarro, 2016) explained that a good service could
influence consumer satisfaction. This statement is also supported by Lestari, Utomo, and
(Lestari et al., 2022), who did similar research with others and this research. Satisfaction
can appear because of factors that give consumers suitable or high expectations. It is
stated that customer satisfaction measures feelings after considering the expectations and
reality of quality and a product/ service used. This means that premium music streaming
has fulfilled consumer expectations and that they are satisfied with the music streaming
People have modern habits in listening to music, especially the Z generation, who
are close to the internet and technology. They prefer to use online music streaming to
access music more easily. They will use it continuously if they are satisfied with online
music streaming.
Based on this study, the satisfaction of music streaming will be influenced by
premium service. Premium service serves advantages for the Z generation's needs in
listening to music. Using a technology base, the Z generation can explore songs
unlimitedly and without worrying about advertisements. In sum, this study shows the
effect of premium service music streaming on consumer satisfaction of the Z generation.
However, this study has a limitation finding, focusing only on premium service to
consumer satisfaction. Therefore, further study is expected to focus on different research
areas such as brand image, advertisement, and promotion to increase music streaming.
Besides, further study is also expected to use different respondents, including area,
generation, etc, so that the research about music streaming will be widespread.
The Effect of Premium Service Music Streaming Towards Consumer Satisfaction of Z
Generation in Jakarta
Jurnal Indonesia Sosial Teknologi, Vol. 5, No. 5, Mei 2024 2031
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